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Originally from Winslow, Arizona celebrity hairstylist, extension, keratin and natural hair expert Shimon draws inspiration from his West Coast roots To craft fresh and trendy styles for his roster of loyal AZ and traveling clients.

Praised for his ability to adapt to different hair types and textures, Shimon is just as skilled at taming the most rebellious curls with his Kerstin treatments, as he is at creating voluminous manes of lifeless hair. Shimon‘s talent and versatility have also garnered the attention of film, fashion, television and Music industries.

He has earned accolades within the hairstyling community for his work featured internationally on billboards, Vegas Fashion Week hair director, Essence magazine, and he has had the privilege of working with renowned personalities, including Ketonya Bankston, Leslie Swann, Nadine Thompson and Kandi Buress.

Perhaps as a result of his collaboration with celebrities, Shimon takes pride in offering the same exceptional hair care experience to every one of his clients at Tekniqs Studio Hair Salon — A level of service and professionalism that he abides by in every setting.